Hi there!

My name is Adeboro Odunlami and I’m a lawyer in Nigeria. I am super-ly  intrigued by technology, photography and fiction/non-fiction stories. And when I’m super-ly intrigued about something, I like to write about it.

You are here on my technology writing blog. But I also write stories here and journal on my pictures here.

Additionally, I currently work as a digital rights advocate and it has widened my tunnel vision on human rights. So I recently started a social enterprise. You may check it out here.

I can’t tell you which of my gazillion sites make me the most happy, but I’d tell you that I am happy every time a post goes up here, because it not only means that I give out information, it also means that I have retained same; and that’s awesome.

So with this blog, I’m pretty much discussing on the relationship between technology and law; as much as I know. Your opinion and suggestions are welcome; unless they are sassy – then they are welcome but disregarded.

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