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Forward Ever?

By Posted on 2 6 m read 641 views

Words have the power not only to hurt a person’s emotions but to tarnish their reputation for life or for a time shorter than life… but you get the point. This is why the tort/crime of defamation is a big deal.

Defamation is essentially a communication or an expression of information about …

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Hating Free Speech

By Posted on 4 5 m read 229 views

The phrase ‘Hate Speech’ is fast becoming as popular as me. The audacity! Such effrontery!


Seriously though, it’s a buzz word! With the increased adoption of technology in communication, the culture of fake news, hate speech and misinformation has now been amplified. What would before have ended as …

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I Spy With My Digital Eyes – On Domestic Abuse, Protection Orders and Technology

By Posted on 31 7 m read 2K views

Naomi got married at the age of 22 with many people calling the entire thing crazy. Her parents were happy though. Her marriage meant that they were going to carry their  grandchildren very soon and everyone knows that’s the ultimate hallmark of success for the average African parent. Her siblings and friends, on the other …

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